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Development News

Development News
June 2018
Development Team Quarterly Update

Dear GCA family:

First, I would like to welcome Andrea Dennis to the GCA Marketing and Development team.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization. As we continue to improve and streamline communication throughout our GCA community, Andrea will be working with multiple departments campus wide to support marketing and branding initiatives.  I would also like to thank everyone for your ongoing prayers and giving to our school. We continue to meet our goals and immediate needs thanks to your giving.

The mission of Grace Christian Academy is to assist Christian families in the teaching of their children by providing them an experiential education that is distinctively Christian, biblically saturated, Christ glorifying, academically excellent, and service and mission oriented.  We meet families in and around our community everyday who share our vision in their homes and are like-minded with us in our mission, yet are not able to join our GCA family due to limited classroom space.

Because of the high demand of families wanting to join our school, our admissions process grows more rigorous each year as we continue to unapologetically adhere to our mission without compromising  or diluting our high standards. However, Christian families are continually being turned away from our school because we simply cannot physically accommodate adding more students.

As was announced at the State of Grace event in the spring, GCA is in the preliminary planning phase of opening a satellite elementary location in the Thompson Station area to serve those families within that community.  This location will resolve some space issues of our main elementary campus, without financially encumbering the school.

As we opened the new high school this past year, we knew as part of that plan that we would soon outgrow it.  In fact, we will outgrow our high school within the next two years. This is an exciting problem to have! To satisfy our present space needs, we are currently building five classrooms in the former pool houses behind the high school.   Even with adding these extra classrooms this year, we will still be out of classroom space in two years.

Within the school’s master plan, the current high school building will become the new middle school, and plans are underway for new high school facilities to be built on the same property.  Currently, we are arranging meetings with the county to obtain permits, and receiving bids from architects for new classrooms, a gym, a cafeteria, and a baseball field, all included as phase one in the master plan.  

Full details of the entire plan will soon be made available on our website.  We will continue to update the GCA family with detailed progress reports as a new campaign is launched.  Thank you again for your generosity and partnership. Have a wonderful rest of the summer!

Brad Myers

Director of Development