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Music Man Cast List

Thank you so very much for the wonderful turnout and the incredible enthusiasm.  Every student was talented and eager.  We have prayed over this cast list and are really excited about all of the students involved!

Please remember that if you did not receive the part you expected, this will be an excellent way for you to grow.  We know that you will all be wonderful in your parts!

If you have any questions or notes from your audition, please feel free to come see or email Mrs. Estes at

Tentative First Rehearsal:  Saturday, December 7th 12:00-3:00 PM  Room 401 Read-Thru/Sing Thru


Cast List (In order of Appearance) 


Harold Hill: Max Glasser

Charlie Cowell: Jonathan Hammett  

Mayor Shinn: Aidan DuBois

Ewart Dunlop:  Alec Daugherty

Oliver Hix: Christian Collins

Jacey Squires: Levi Allen

Olin Britt: Brendan Koreiba 

Marcellus Washburn: James Summers  

Tommy Djilas: Pierce Lyons

Marian Paroo: Mary Chandler Hicks

Mrs. Paroo: Taylor Williams 

Amaryllis: TBD (Lower School Student)

Winthrop Paroo:TBD (Lower School Student)

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Anna Kate Hiett

Zaneeta Shinn: Blythe Hutchison 

Alma Hix: Elizabeth Vogt 

Maud Dunlop: Hana Pedicini 

Ethel Toffelmier: Erin Wojcik 

Mrs. Squires: Raybecca Calvert

Featured Dancers: Presley Burk, Grayson Caughey, Avery Williams  

Ensemble: Ellie Gibbs, Olivia Gregornik, Kennedy Lyons, Anna Claire Riggs, Lincoln Rohwer, Grace Scott, Evan Spychalski, Caleb Varner, Sean Walker, Braden Walters, Brooks Yarbrough