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Amy was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She always knew she wanted to be a teacher and combined teaching with her love of sign language into a career of educating hearing impaired children. She received a Master’s degree in Education of the Hearing Impaired from Western Maryland College. After graduating, Amy moved to Arizona and taught 1st grade at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf. From there she taught regular education where she helped integrate hearing impaired students and children with various special needs and learning challenges, into her first-grade classroom.

It was in Arizona that Amy met and married her husband Bill Wojcik and they adopted their daughter, Erin. They relocated from Phoenix to Franklin, TN in 2007 longing for a small town, slower paced atmosphere to raise their daughter. After 18 years of teaching, Amy took time off to be home with her daughter, but found her way back to the classroom by volunteering and tutoring students in her daughter’s school. When Erin began attending GCA in fifth grade, Amy served as a substitute teacher and volunteered for various activities and school functions. Last year, Amy joined the Learning Services department and helped students with learning challenges in High School. She feels blessed and excited to continue her work at GCA alongside such amazing teachers.

Amy and her family attend Grace Chapel. They enjoy traveling together, watching movies and being with family and friends.