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High School Fine Arts Information

High School Musical Cast List


Thank you so very much for the wonderful turnout and the incredible enthusiasm from each High School student who auditioned. Every student was talented and eager. It was such a treat to see all of you and I hope you enjoyed and learned from the process.


We have prayed, thought, written and rewritten this cast list, and we are really excited about all of the students involved! Please remember that if you did not receive the part you expected, this will be an excellent way for you to grow. We know that you will all be wonderful in your parts!


If you have any questions or notes from your audition please feel free to come see or email Mrs. Estes at


Gabriella Montez: Darby Cappillino

Troy Bolton: Coal Dye
Ryan Evans: Stephen Jordan

Sharpay Evans: Anna Blair Fish

Ms. Daribus: Hannah Hart

Coach Bolton: Jake Lewis
Taylor Mckessie: McKenna Varner
Kelsi Nielson: Kenzie Bowen
Chad Danforth: Sam Brown
Zeke Baylor: Hunter Neilson
Jack Scott: Max Glasser
Martha Cox: Hayley Wells
Ripper: Alec Daughtery
James: Joe Hauk
Susan: Mary Chandler Hicks
Cathy: Gracie Griswold
Cyndra: Madison Brown
Ms. Tenny: Claire Bryant
Science Decathlon Moderator: Raychel Calvert



Anna Kate Alexander

Brooke Baker

Anna Kate Bechman

Reese Black

Presley Burk
Boone Galloway

Tristen Goree

Christina Hale

Sidney Hauk

Sophia Kerr

Michael Koellein

Campbell Lemon

Jason Lestarjette

Pierce Lyons

Catherine Mahy

Kristen Mahy

Hana Pedicini

Camryn VanDrunen

Taylor Williams

Avery Williams

Abby White