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NCAA Eligibility

In GCA's ongoing efforts to help guide the student as much as possible during his/her time at GCA, this page contains links to information that should assist both the student-athlete and the parent during the college athletic recruiting process. Our hope is that it helps to answer some questions about playing sports in college.
Recruiting 101:
  • A student-athlete must take ownership of this process.  The coach can only help/guide in this process. 
  • Learn about the recruiting process for your sport; official/unofficial visits, contacts, calls, Clearinghouse, etc...
  • Academics play a key role in recruiting.  A good transcript gives a student-athlete more options.
    • The Learning Center will be very instrumental in this process.
    • The more A’s & B’s the better.
    • This “doing my best” mindset must begin in the student-athlete’s freshmen year.
    • Know the eligibility requirements
  • College Guidance will be very instrumental in this process.
  • The weight room will be very instrumental in this process.
  • Hudl/video, what a college coach evaluates, can be very instrumental in the process.
  • Go to camps, combines, showcases, etc...  The student-athlete must get himself seen.  In most sports, the sooner the better.  But understand, his profile – speed, quickness, skills, becomes what he does, not what he says he can do.  Back to point 3. 
  • Remember that athletics do not define who/what you are. You are a child of God. Lean on God as you make this important decision.