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Student Email (Grades 5th-12th)

Every rising 5th grader and above will be given a GCA Student email address.

This email address is what will be used to sign Final Forms documents and will also be input into RenWeb for communication purposes as well.

Here are detailed instructions on how your student will proceed on signing into his/her email address for the first time. If there are any questions what so ever, please do not hesitate to reach out to Justin Payne at jpayne@gcalions.com.

Grace Christian Academy is a Google School and GMail is our email provider. When your student is signing into his/her email for the first time, please go to gmail.com.
Once there, please input your student's email address as seen below. His/her GIVEN first name is what has been used. 
Please notice the format for the email address is student.firstname.lastname@gcalions.com.
Please include the @gcalions.com  piece or it will not work.

After you have input your email address and selected "next", you will be prompted to input your child's password, which is case sensitive:   GCALions

After you have input this password, and selected "next", you will be prompted to change this password.
Please have your student choose a password that he/she will NOT forget. They will not be able to change it on their own if they forget it. They must go through the support team in order to do so. Also, please encourage them to not tell any of their peers what this password is.
Again, if you have any questions regarding this process, please email Justin Payne jpayne@gcalions.com and he will gladly help work through any issues.