GCA Coin Drop Battle for The Bahamas

As you are aware, Hurricane Dorian brought devastation to several areas of The Bahamas.  
Our middle school science teacher, Mr. Elliott Knowles, is from The Bahamas and his wife, Mrs. Erin Knowles, also teaches at the high school.  Mr. Knowles' brother, Jeremy, whose families lives in Freeport, Grand Bahama, lost all of his family's household belongings.  The water came to the roof of their house and everything is destroyed.  
For the next week and a half, we are having a Battle for The Bahamas Coin Drop!  It's elementary vs. intermediate/middle vs. high school.  
Drop your coins into your school's bucket located in each front lobby.  The school that brings the most change by the end of the battle will have an additional casual/spirit dress day!  Winner will be determined by value amount collected.  
Every penny, nickel, dime, and quarter will go to the Knowles family as they begin to purchase everything from clothes to household items.  
Let's bring CHANGE for The Bahamas!
UPDATE - We had an amazing outcome to our GCA Coin Drop Battle for The Bahamas!  
Here are the final totals:

Elementary: $2,387.51
Intermediate/Middle: $2,467.49
High: $1,545.24
GRAND TOTAL: $6,400.24

Thank you GCA for bringing CHANGE for The Bahamas!