GCA Elementary Music Christmas Concert

When you arrive, have students report to their sections where their classes will be.  They will be located on the sides of the gym as follows:

K, 2nd and 4th will be on the far side of the gym (away from double door entrance)

1st and 3rd will be on the near side of the gym (closest to the double doors)

Teachers will start taking roll at 6:15 PM.  This concert is a big part of what the students have been working on in music class over the last eight weeks, so please do everything you can to make sure they are there and ready to sing.  I will follow up with the teachers regarding the roll and attendance. 


Girls: Dresses, skirts or pants (no shorts) -  If skirt or pants, they may wear a blouse or sweater on top.  If dress or skirt, leggings may be worn.  Please keep skirt and dress length right above the knee or lower.   I prefer dressy shoes, but they need to be comfortable for standing on risers.  No tennis shoes for girls, please.  Boots are fine.  If large bows are worn, make sure they are not on top of her head, so they don't block the face of the student who is standing behind her on the risers.

Boys: Long pants or nice jeans (no shorts) and either a dress shirt, sweater or nice short or long sleeved collared knit shirt.  Coats and ties are fine, but no t-shirts or hats, please.  Dress shoes are preferred, but tennis shoes are acceptable. 

**Colors for Tops and Bottoms** The theme is “Christmastime”, so any color is acceptable to wear.  Staying in the Christmas realm would be best, but I’m not limiting it to any particular colors.  Solids, stripes, plaid, patterns, etc. can be worn on all dresses, tops and bottoms.  I want the stage to be colorful. Just no big logos or pictures on shirts please (ex: big Nike check or large soccer ball). A small emblem such as “izod” or shirt brand logo on pocket of shirt is fine. 


If you are able to help set up or tear down the stage before or after the concert, please take a moment to sign up at this link.