Elementary Talent Show


  • Tuesday, December 17th 2:45 - 6:00 PM (Room 319)


  • Monday, January 13th 2:30 - 4:00 PM in the Sanctuary


  • Tuesday, January 14th 1:30 PM in the Sanctuary

Sign up for a 5 minute Audition Time Slot:     


Important Info: 

  • The Audition Form that is attached below MUST be completed and signed by all parents with a student involved in a particular act to be allowed to audition. Ex.) If students are singing a duet, then a parent from each student must complete the form, not just one per act. It either needs to be turned in to Mrs. Johnson prior to the audition or you may bring it to the audition. 

  • You will need all costumes/outfits, music performance tracks, and props ready for the audition. Songs really need to be memorized or almost close to memorized, and dances need to be almost fully choreographed, and instrument playing needs to be practiced and ready. I realize the auditions are only two weeks away, so please have as much of the act as prepared as possible so we can get an idea of what will be performed.

  • Please note that any song that might be questionable against our “Distinctly Christian” standards must be approved by Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Estes prior to auditioning. All performances MUST follow GCA appropriate language, dress code, and music choices. Any inappropriateness may disqualify an act. In the event there could be an issue, we want you to have time to prepare something else.

  • After auditions, you may not make any changes to your act unless we tell you differently. 

  • The length of the performance should not be more than 2 minutes 30 seconds.  If a song is over that length, the volume will be turned down at 2 minutes 30 seconds to adhere to the length of performance rule. We will help to create a track from YouTube or Apple Music if needed, but please note we will not edit out sections of tracks to make them shorter. That will be the acts responsibility to handle those edits. We will only turn down the volume to end the song at 2:30.

  • Students are only allowed to be in one performance act. Please note that there is a possibility we might have to make cuts if there is an over abundance of people who try out. Audition results will be finalized before Christmas Break on December 20th.

If you have any questions, please contact Maribeth Johnson at mbjohnson@gcalions.com