Fine Art Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Fine Arts Department of Grace Christian Academy!  As our school grows by leaps and bounds by the blessing of the Lord, we desire to continue to provide new and unique opportunities for our students to discover the gifts and talents that God has given them. 
We offer courses such as Visual Art, Choir, Musical Theatre, Sewing and Cooking (Impact Arts), Videography, Graphic Art, Drama, Sign Language, Speech and Debate, Jazz Band, Worship Band, Construction and Audio/Visual Tech.  We have annual Art Contests, Art Shows, Musicals, Talent Shows, and Learning Showcases, and we participate in many ACSI competitions in the Fine Arts disciplines.  We are looking forward to expanding this list of available courses, activities, and opportunities to accommodate our growing diversity of student interests.
The grade school years are a perfect time in a person’s life to have the freedom and ambition to try something new.  To participate in the Arts is to be fully human.  What does that mean?  If we are expressly created in the image of God, who is the ultimate Creator, then it is that ability to create and be creative that helps us to deepen our understanding and relationship with Him.  The Arts is a language that all can experience, appreciate and respond to.  Our world is a sensory place.  Fine Arts captures and uses those senses to create an experience for the viewer.  The Fine Arts can create a dialog that is far reaching to touch hearts and lives.  They have the ability to give hope in a fallen world, and to show the love of Jesus to all.  
Our mission statement expresses that we aim to cultivate the legacy of Christ's hope in each student and to prepare them to spread that hope along every avenue God provides, some of which will be in the form of artistic expression.  Fine Arts cannot be learned through occasional or random exposure any more than math or science can.  Education and engagement in the Fine Arts are an essential part of the school curriculum and an important component in the educational program of every student at GCA.