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Mission & Philosophy

Mission & Philosophy

The Fine Arts Department of Grace Christian Academy exists to equip students to worship the Lord, and to use their talents as a platform to share the gospel in an excellent way. Through practice, performance, and constructive criticism, our goal is greatness in all we do, so that students will passionately impact cultures in need of Jesus’ love and redemption.


The Fine Arts Department of GCA desires to deepen the understanding of our God-given gifts, to expand our audiences, and to enrich the quality of life within our families, our school, our churches and communities. Students involvement in Fine Arts yields great educational benefits in creativity, expression of thought, and the building of bridges between cultures. Studies clearly reveal that involvement in the Arts improves academic performance and more specifically, in SAT scoring. Simply put, the Arts build a more solid, well-rounded student who will reach greater academic goals.


God’s Word is very clear that He cares deeply about the Arts and how they affect people’s hearts. The Old and New Testaments are full of verses about music, dance, design, sculpture, painting, masonry, jewelry making, singing, carpentry, story-telling, and poetry. Inspiration for an artist can come directly from the Lord, and the artist inspires and gives hope to others through their art. And when God receives the glory, people are filled with encouragement and a lasting hope. The Arts lift our hearts to a greater understanding of the Lord and His eternal, loving relationship with us!