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Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch 2019-2020
Monday - Pizza
Thursday - Chick fil a
Friday - Firehouse Subs

Monday - Pizza
Tuesday - Brown Bag Restaurant
Wednesday - Jason’s Deli
Thursday - Chick fil A
Friday - Firehouse Subs

Hot lunch for the 2019-2020 school year will begin in August.  The first ordering will be open from July 1st through July 20th, closing at 3:00pm.
Hot Lunch Ordering Instructions
  • Lunch Ordering will be open in RenWeb/ParentsWeb from the 1st thru the 20th  (closing at 3:00 PM) every month to order for the next month.
  • Lunches may only be ordered in increments of three months, but will be billed one month at a time.
  • Food ordered will show highlighted on your student’s RenWeb calendar page.  If items are BLACK, no order has been correctly placed.  Please refer to your calendar to see if your order is complete and correct.
  • You may add/delete/change your order anytime (for future months only - not the current month) between the 1st and the 20th without dual ordering or incorrect charges.
  • You will be billed (and your student will be fed) whatever is in the system when lunch ordering closes on the 20th at 3:oo PM.
  • When your order has been placed, your total will be invoiced through FACTS on the 1st of each month.  
  • Food purchased in anticipation of your child eating a school lunch cannot be returned to a store or food vendor, therefore we cannot give refunds if your child misses a lunch due to illness or other absence.  
  • Questions about LUNCH ORDERING and MENU should be directed to Brenda Stearns  (
  • Questions about billing, money, payments, and FACTS should be directed to Mendy Hicks (
  • Email inquiries will be answered during normal school hours only.

  • Sign into RenWeb.
  • Click on the Student Information tab.
  • Click on Lunch.
  • Click on Create Web Order.
  • Put  a quantity in the box next to each menu item you wish to order for your child.
  • Order menu items for all students enrolled.
  • Click the Order Items button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Your next screen will say: Web Orders Created: Total value of unprocessed ordered items is $xx.xx.
  • You can verify items ordered by going back to the Student tab, clicking the Lunch tab, and seeing which items are highlighted.  Those are the food items that will be given to your child on school lunch days.

  • Open RenWeb Home.
  • Select Student.
  • Select Lunch.
  • Select food service date in calendar.
  • Touch desired menu items for each student on that date.
  • Click Next (takes you to next school lunch date), touch desired menu items.
  • Choose menu items for all available (or desired) dates, then click DONE in top left corner of screen.
  • This will take you back to the calendar, you will see Lunches Ordered and Grand Total $xx.xx.