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Parenting with Purpose

Throughout the school year, GCA offers "Parenting with Purpose" seminars, featuring various speakers with each session.  
We want to come alongside our families in preparing their children for all avenues of life.  We as a school believe these parenting seminars are important and necessary as we partner with parents, and we require that parents attend at least one of our seminars per year.  All parenting seminars are open to the community, and attendees are welcome to invite their small group, neighbors, friends and family.

This event is open to the community.

Invite your family, friends, neighbors and small group!

Kids are growing up in a world of worry today. Anxiety, in fact, is a childhood epidemic, affecting 1 out of every 4 children. Kids of all ages feel pressure…from the expectations around them, inside of them, and even, unknowingly, from us. What can we do to slow the epidemic for kids, in general? And, even more importantly, what can you do to calm the worry-related meltdowns and help your child find the confidence to fight his or her own brand of Worry Monster?
In this seminar, you’ll gain
•understanding the what’s and why’s in terms of the differences between anxiety and worry, and where your child is on the continuum
•help practically with tools to overcome the worry that he or she will inevitably face
•hope as your child discovers a sense of faith and resilience that is stronger than any worry this age of anxiety can bring
Children need understanding, help, and hope. You can make a profound difference in their their journey to finding all three. You will come out of this seminar feeling not only more confident in your parenting, but in your ability to help them discover all of the courage that is already inside of them.