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Principal 's Welcome

Middle School Principal's Welcome

Welcome to GCA’s Middle School! Our teachers and staff focus on helping students transition from the single classroom atmosphere of pre-K through 5th grade into the multi-classroom, independent middle school environment. We offer a very nurturing environment in co-joined classrooms at the 6th grade with a dedicated set of educators who offer challenging and engaging courses in English, Math, Science, Bible, and History. Students go to different areas of the school for electives. Our 7th and 8th graders follow a schedule that includes changing classrooms and a faculty dedicated to nurturing them and preparing them for high school.


Our Middle School teaching philosophy is governed by our mission statement: our students learn experientially as we address the various learning modalities and the latest brain research; we foster their God-given gifts and interests; we direct them to the Bible and to a Christ-glorifying worldview. Our curriculum is distinctly Christian and biblically saturated. We strive for excellence in all areas, and we desire to guide our students to serve others in the name of Christ.


Our curriculum includes a core program that is comprised of intense and focused studies in Bible, English, Math, Science, and History. Electives for Middle School students include technology, physical education, Spanish, art, and music classes. Students travel throughout the country for field trips that incorporate spiritual goals, educational objectives, hands-on learning experiences, and team building.